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QC Dog Walks - A typical walk in Brooklyn

Description of a Walk

Walk routines vary from dog to dog depending on the personality but as a rule QC Dog Walkers begin  dog walks by paying attention to how we greet your dog. On the whole most dogs respond to a bit of loving attention and/or some calming signals before fully enjoying their walk. We find that many dogs whether they are shy or not, become anxious during the day and benefit from a few minutes of calming before getting suited up and headed out the door. Of course there are some dogs like Puggles and Beagles, for example, that just want to get out the door immediately but then we often give them some extra sniffing time before we get a move on. Our half hour dog walks typically consist of going to pick up or drop off another dog or two in the neighborhood. We pay close attention to, and get to know each dogs signals for when they are ready to do their business. Often the walks are longer than what we bill for since dogs don't wear watches and it's not always realistic to cover the distance between places in the allotted time. We actively police for grazing and will take bones put of a most dogs mouths if they do not drop it, or spit it out on command. We do our best to encourage walking on a slack leash and of course we always pick up after them. When the entire  dog walk is over we text you to let you know they have been serviced. All of our walkers are trained in avoiding power struggle and pulling battles. We have found that most dogs just need a little patience and some calming signals and perhaps a gentle, sometimes firm, pull and command. Again it all depends on the personality of the the dog. We also, begin each walk inspecting for pee accidents and end each walk double checking for fresh water.

Quality Controlled Dog Walks

Through out the day our support team is constantly tracking where our walkers are and which dogs they are with. We make sure your dog is walked on time, we consistently check in to be sure your dog is being handled properly and we regularly join walks to keep walkers on point. We are generally ready to be there with a car at a moments notice if something goes wrong and your dog needs special attention or a walker needs assistance etc.