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About our Dog Walking Service in Brooklyn

Dog Walker in Crown Heights, Prospect Lefferts Gardens and Bed Stuy
Founded by well seasoned and empathetic dog walker and cat sitter, Rhett Bice with over four years of experience as a walker plus a previous history with dog rescue, pet training, and pet ownership. The company has a unique insight into many of the problems plaguing the Brooklyn dog walking industry and has readied a unique blend of training, supervision and support for walkers while providing owners with, more control and more channels of communication resulting in complete transparency, assurance and peace of mind.


For over two years Rhett spent over five hours a day developing a personal style of interacting with dogs in such a way that many owners noticed positive changes in their pets. Rhett has helped dogs learn to socialize with other dogs on the street, learn to walk on a slack leash, minimized grazing habits and even taught problem barkers not to bark incessantly. Rhett has particular experience with shy dogs as well, working with them to develop more confidence outside in noisy crowded Brooklyn. Our primary areas of service are Crown Heights, Prospect Lefferts Gardens, Flatbush, and Neighboring areas.  QC Dog Walking is designed from the get go for quality and control to be maintained through out growth and expansion. As long as Rhett is owner of the company he will always be involved with each dog on a regular basis and be completely aware of how walkers are interacting with each dog on an intimate and sincere level in keeping with the most up to date ASPCA endorsed philosophies and methods in Dog Handling.
Ask to meet us. We'd love to come to you and meet your pet as we answer any questions you might have and we tell you about ourselves.
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