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Use links to order services from the store or contact us via email or by phone for questions and special arrangements. Thank you so very very much, for turning to us for your walks, sits and visits! Serving Prospect Lefferts Gardens, Crown Heights and neighboring areas - Rhett

Or call: (917) 676-7507

Dog Walking Packages

We are currently booking 30 minute walks at $16/walk with the purchase of 10 walk packs or for $15/walk with purchase of 20 walk packs

Pre-paid packages versus flat rate autopay

The auto-pay package differs significantly from the standard pre-paid 10 pack and 20 pack options. The pre-paid packages are designed to be used as needed. Meaning we track when they are used and let you know when they are running out. I.e. one customer might use one walk per week and yet another may use five a week. The auto-pay package is recommended for  customers who are certain to be using services five days a week every month for an indefinite time on into the future and also have a greater flexibility in walk times.

Pre-paid packages

Pe-paid 10 packs and 20 packs may be used as needed any weekday for a half hour walk. Extensions may be purchased as needed for weekends, off hours and holidays as well as to extends the walk length to an hour.
Dog Walkers in Crown Heights, PLG, Bed Stuy, and Flatbush
All cat visits are now $18 per visit.