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Monthy Auto-Pay Package $12/walk – Limited Time Only

The auto-pay package differs significantly from the standard prepaid 10 pack and 20 pack options. The prepaid packages are designed to be used as needed. Meaning we track when they are used and let you know when they are running out. i.e. one customer might use one walk per week and yet another may use five a week. The auto-pay package is recommended for  customers who are certain to be using services five days a week every month for an indefinite time on into the future.
Auto-pay packages work out at a lower special rate of $12 per walk averaged out over a years time. They cover each month of weekdays. No re-reimbursements are given for cancellations. However, a weekday can be traded for a weekend or night time walk with the purchase of the appropriate extension.
Monthly flat rate walking package
You can be billed up to $264.00 USD
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