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QCD Logo – Dog Walkers in Brooklyn | QC Dog Walking Services
Quality Controlled Brooklyn Dog Walkers
in Prospect Lefferts Gardens, Crown Heights, Flatbush, Bed-Stuy, South Slope, and adjacent areas.

QC Dog Walking has the best dog walkers in Brooklyn. Our Dog Walkers in Brooklyn are exceptional in their dog walking backgrounds.The reason you should use the highest rated dog walking service in Brooklyn and the best dog walkers in Crown Heights and the best Dog walkers in Bed Stuy (Bedord Stuyvesant, Is because with our service you know that you are getting well experienced, well trained, actively supervised dog walkers.

We are also the best dog walkers in South Slope and Greenwood Heights. And there as in all of our locations you can be certain that your dog is well cared for by highly reliable walkers who are always on time and never miss an appointment. All of our dog walkers are certified by the Certification process as well which guarantees that they have gone through 10 hours of instruction and ten hours of supervised dog walking before being allowed to walk dogs on their own. This is much more than what any other service does. This is much more than what Rover does, much more than what Wag does, more than what Mobile Mutts does, more than what Dandy Dog Walker does and way  more than what House Broken does and more than what the Dog Walking Network does.


QC Dog Walking a a full service fully insured and bonded dog walking service staffed by fully professional office personal and fully professional dog walkers. The office staff monitor the dog walkers progress hourly through texting and through physical checks to see how your dog is doing with each dog walker. Your dog will get the same dog walker each time unless  they are sick in which case a back up walker who in most cases your dog will already be familiar with will come instead. Or dog walkers are also available to dog sit and pet sitting while you are away and we have limited amounts of boarding space and dog day care as well.. 

We have special packages for people who live near Prospect Park or other parks in Brooklyn, or who just want their dog to have extra time and extra distance to either play in a dog run or be on an hour long relaxed walk in a nice open environment. We do not walk dogs in large groups. Four at a time is the most we do and The majority of dog walks are two dogs at a time together. We feel that pack walks are not safe for the dogs. If something happens to one of the dogs then the walker is restricted  by the rest of the dogs and can not react quickly. Also it's really not fair for the rest of the pedestrians in the city to have to be moving out of the way of big packs of dogs, or having their path blocked by large packs of dogs.

Go to our testimonial page to see that we have a large base of satisfied loyal customers who are willing to vouch for us at any time. We are Brooklyn Dog walkers, a professional , reliable,competent, and convenient dog walking and Pet Sitting service servng from Bed Stuy to Flatbush and from East Flatbush to South Slope and Greenwood Heights.

About Us

Dog walkers in Brooklyn taking good care of their pups
Dog Walkers Brooklyn dog icon – Dog Walkers in Brooklyn | QC Dog Walking Services,

Quality Controlled Dog Walking Service is intended from inception, 2014, to provide and surpass the highest level of comfort, convenience, and assurance to Brooklyn dog and cat owners. To that end, our Brooklyn dog walkers are exceptionally vetted and trained in dog handling and also actively supervised from day to day during their dog walks and cat sits. 

•  Convenient scheduling  •  No cancellation fees

•  Last-minute bookings  •  Insured and bonded

Quality controlled through training, support, and active supervision of  well vetted walkers

Cat sitting – Dog Walkers in Brooklyn | QC Dog Walking Services
Dog bone – Dog Walkers in Brooklyn | QC Dog Walking Services
Cuties on Dog Walk – Dog Walkers in Brooklyn | QC Dog Walking Services
Dog Walkers in Brooklyn
Cat sitting – Dog Walkers in Brooklyn | QC Dog Walking Services
"Best Dog Walkers in Brooklyn


You can schedule dog walks and chat visits simply by texting the day before or early the in the morning of the day of your needed walk. Also, you can add instructions as you make your purchases, while also saving money through purchasing pre-paid services. You can also add walks directly to our daily calendar via the booking page. You will be given the password with your first purchase.


Through texting and documentation with each walk. You get a picture and a walk report after each dog walk. GPS is available. You can track services and verify bookings through a google calendar which are shared with you with your first purchase.

Fully Insured & Bonded

Full insurance coverage and bonding verifiable through Pet Sitters Associates.


Special Dog Walking Offer

Happy Client – Dog Walkers in Brooklyn | QC Dog Walking Services

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Dog Walkers in Brooklyn
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Dog Walkers in Brooklyn
Dog Walkers in Brooklyn

Serving the following Brooklyn neighborhoods:

Prospect Lefferts Gardens, Crown Heights, Flatbush, BedStuy, Greenwood, Ditmas, Bushwick, and some surrounding areas.

11203, 11205, 11206, 11207, 11211, 11213, 11215, 11216, 11221, 11223, 11225, 11226, 11229, 11232, 11233, 11237, 11249

Testimonials & Reviews

See what our happy customers said about us here.