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Pride Dog

The Quality in QC Dog Walking

All of our walkers come to us with previous experience with dogs. We assess each walker for their skill level and their knowledge base as well as for general competency,  and responsibility. We give them hands on training and provide them with and test them on written materials to be sure they understand all of their responsibilities as a premium certified dog walker. Even after all of this we give each walker QC Checks while they are out in the field. Watching to be sure that they are following policies and best practices, conducting walks safely and competently and most importantly that your dog is happy and safe.

Our walkers are trained and encouraged to be engaged with your dog throughout the entire walk. They are expected to remain alert and in control throughout the appointment.

We also provide the walkers with back up leashes and doggy bags. 


This is the QC in QC Dog Walking. Quality Control is always first and foremost. 

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