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We provide our Brooklyn dog walkers with a training manual containing best practices covering everything from the moment they enter your home to the moment they leave. All with a focus on providing a safe and fun walk for your pup!  We we give them a written and oral exam and we certify them when they pass both the exam and the hands on skills assessment.  POvdr the course of their first two days, we asses their skill level, their over arching level of competency, trustworthiness and reliability. We also, give them hands on training during their first two days of dog walking before ever allowing them to walk any dogs on their own. Even after all of this all of our QC dog walkers in Brooklyn are regularly inspected with and without their knowledge as they are out in the field. Watching to be sure that they are following policies and best practices, conducting walks safely and competently and most importantly that your dog is happy and safe.


However, before any of that we verify that they already have experience with dogs, we check their references and we do a back ground check. During the initial interview it becomes apparent pretty quickly, by how they answer questions, if they actually love and know dogs, understand and have a wide understanding of dog behaviors. All of this is with the end goal of creating the best possible conditions for the safety and enjoyment of your dogs while under our care.

Our walkers are trained and encouraged to be engaged with your dog throughout the entire walk and they are are trained and encouraged to remain alert and in control throughout the walk. All with the end goal of a safe and engaging walk for your dog.

We also proved the walkers with back up leashes and doggy bags. 

This is the QC in QC Dog Walking. Quality Control is always first and foremost. 


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