Customer Testimonials & Reviews

“We have worked with Rhett and QC for almost 5 years. We love that it’s always the same people walking our dog, and that she is never out with a huge pack, if any other dogs, just 1 or 2 she knows. Flexible and convenient and trustworthy, thanks QC!"

      – Natalie B, January 2020, Google Review


“Our dog LOVES Rhett and his usual walkers, and they are also super flexible about adding or cancelling walks when needed as well as taking our pup for weekends or when we travel at the last minute which is great. I like that we are supporting a local business vs. an app too. Highly recommend!"

      – Eileen D, January 2020, Google Review


“The QC team are great! They’re easy to schedule with and my little doggo is always happy to see them when we run into them while out and about :))"

      – Mateo S, January 2020, Google Review


“Rhett and co have been walking our pup for the past 6 months and it's been really fantastic! Before that my previous roommate used the service for years and only had good experiences so we knew we were in good hands. Our little guy LOVES his walker and we feel so grateful to have someone we trust take care of him when we're not home. Rhett is very easy going and communicative and has had amazing customer service."

      – Megan K, January 2020, Yelp

“Rhett and all the walkers at QC Dog Walking are fantastic and are loved by our dog. My partner and I have used QC for nearly 2 years and they have always been both reliable and incredibly flexible. Would repeatedly recommend QC over other homegrown dog walking operations in Brooklyn and name brand companies like Wag."

      – Ezra J, December 2019, Google Review



      – Megan R, December 2019, Google Review


“I've used them for more than a couple of years now, and they are not the only dog-walking service I've used. However, they're definitely the best. I can't even count the number of times they've saved our lives on short notice, usually because we get stuck at work or something urgent comes up. I truly love the fact I can always count on them and how organized they are. Our little guy seriously has a second home where he gets treated amazingly well, and I will continue using them for as long as I can."

      – Francisco M, December 2019, Google Review


“QC Dog Walking is an incredible service -- very reliable and kind. They provide above and beyond service by taking photos and sending text reports on how your dog did on their walk. My experience with Rhett and Justyn has been so fabulous -- I recommend everyone use their service!"

      – Heather B, December 2019, Google Review


“Incredible care and attention to detail! Rhett and company have been providing walks and boarding services for my pup, Hewitt, since I moved to NYC and I couldn't be happier. They are excellent with my high-energy Weimaraner, and always send photo updates after every walk. They are prompt to respond and very accommodating to requests. Put it this way - when there was a slight chance I was going to have to move to a new apartment about a month ago, I was set on staying in the same neighborhood so I could keep hiring QC Dog Walking!"

      – Robyn E, December 2019, Google Review


“The QC Dog Walking team is everything you could ask for in a dog walking service! They are extremely flexible, kind and reasonably priced. I have been using them the past couple months and couldn't be happier. I fully trust them with my little guy and look forward to continue using their great service!"

      – Devan A, December 2019, Google Review


“Rhett and his team have been great from the beginning! Like many people, I am absolutely obsessed with my dog and don't trust just anyone with him. I feel very lucky that I found Rhett and Justyn (our actual dog walker). Rhett is always super responsive even when I request a last minute walk. Justyn cares for my dog so much and I've witnessed it first hand! After every walk I get a photo of my dog and an update on how he did. I love it!

Sometimes I work from home and Justyn will come in quietly and grab my dog. If I'm on a call, he's really good about being quiet and caring for my dog. I can not recommend these guys enough!"

      – Cherizza L, December 2019, Yelp

“Reliable and flexible. No issues. Good experience."

      – Bethany D, November 2019, Google Review


“QC Dog Walking Services walked our dog daily for about 2.5 years. They were great. Our dog Lucy loved Rhett and Willa. Their reliability and professionalism, not to mention love for our dog, were beyond reproach. Their prices are perfectly reasonable and their online presence allows for convenient purchasing of walks packages right there on their website. I cannot recommend QC enough. The only reason we had to stop walks with them was because we moved to New Jersey. I only hope our new dog walker encompasses all the qualities that made having QC in our dog's life so great."

      – Cohan A, November 2019, Google Review


“Rhett and his team are great to work with. They make it very easy to schedule walks and never gave me a hard time when I canceled last second or got stuck at work and needed to add one on. They send you a photo of your pup with every walk and seem to really enjoy interacting with your pet.

I have nothing but positive things to say about QC, and I always felt like my Fabio was being well taken care of and loved while I was away."

      – Emma W, November 2019, Yelp


      – Kate S, October 2019, Google Review


“I can't recommend QC dog walking enough. Reasonable prices, quick responses, and flexibility make it great. I used to use Wag/Rover, but QC makes them unnecessary. I haven't looked at those services in a while, but last time I did QC had lower prices."

      – Richard G, May 2019, Google Review


“QC Dog Walking Services was exactly what I was looking for! My oldest dog was not used to being walked by strangers and even gave her first walker ( before QC Dog Walking) a very hard time. I was told my dog had behavioral issues... so I contacted Rhett, who took the time to come home and spend time to get to know my dogs before even attempting to walk them on his own. He also joined me in a couple of walks so he would earn my dog's trust. I used Rhett's services for almost two years and I never had a problem. His boarding services are also great. I recommend his services as he is very patient, knowledgeable and easy to work with."

      – Ingrid W, April 2019, Google Review


“QC Dog Walking Rhett are great with my cat! They send awesome text updates and photos so I know he's safe when I'm traveling, and Rhett is extremely communicative and reliable. I highly recommend!"

      – Lauren S, April 2019, Google Review


“QC Dog Walking is the best dog walking company I’ve had the pleasure of using while living in the Brooklyn area. From the picture updates when I’m not able to walk my pup, to the opportunities for prizes/walk packages that were available during the holidays... they're so great. They’re compassionate and work to make walks doable even with short notice. My pup is my life and I felt so at ease using this service with him. Highly recommend!"

      – Emily S, February 2019, Google Review


“Rhett and all the walkers at QC are amazing, I cannot say enough good things about them! They are easy to schedule, easy to get in contact with, and super communicative (daily walk pictures!). My dog is super anxious and isn’t the easiest to walk, but Rhett and Nolan were wonderful with him and I never worried with him in their care. I cannot recommend their services enough!"

      – Lindsay, January 2019, Google Review

The best dog care in Brooklyn, hands down. Confidence and communication with the friendliest attitude of understanding!"

      – Benjamin, December 2018, Google Review

“Rhett and his team (Nolan) are great! We recently moved to Brooklyn and had a tough time finding a dog walker until we spoke with Rhett. Rhett is very responsive via text, phone calls and email. He met us and our pup the next day and arrived early to our appointment. Our pup liked Rhett and got along with the other dog Nolan walks."

      – EM, October 2018, Yelp


“Rhett and company are fantastic. They are reliable, trustworthy, and great with my dog. I had a daily walk as well as many "last minute" walks that they were able to almost always accommodate. On a side note, my dog is not friendly and they took this very seriously. They made sure that he walked alone. I would highly recommend QC for anyone who needs a walker!"

      – Lauren, September 2018, Yelp


“Working with Rhett was the best experience our boys had while we lived in Brooklyn. My JRT's LOVED Rhett and his professionally trained staff!! They were amazing and really knew how to handle my stubborn boys. After having our first daughter and being home healing from a c-section, QC was a life saver. Extremely affordable and came twice a day to help take our boys. They took Milo and Cody on long walks and worked on correcting their stubborn behaviors. When we went away on vacation they stayed at our apartment and treated it like it was their own and really spent quality time with boys so they wouldn't feel like we left them, this was so comforting to me. I would highly recommend Rhett and his team for all of your dog walking and pet sitting needs."

      – Jennifer, August 2018, Yelp


"Rhett and his crew have taken very good care of our pup.  They have always made it so easy to communicate, accommodated last-minute scheduling, and sent photos of June on her walks with her buddies! Love the transparency.  Thanks QC Dog Walking!"

      – Olivia, July 2018, Google Review



      – Emily M, July 2018, Google Review

"I have used Rhett and QC for about 3 years. They have been great every single time, very responsive, and I know I can trust them with my dog Maria. Both Maria and I are sad to no longer use them, but we have moved out of the area. Highly recommend to anyone needing a pet sitter in the Brooklyn area!"

      – George, July 2018, Google Review



      – Danya G, July 2018, Google Review

"I love QC Dog Walking and their walkers, especially Rhett.  My dog is shy and quirky, but I know she is very well taken care of with Rhett and her other walkers.  Also they are incredibly flexible--sometimes Violet gets a walk at another apartment, and they do it gladly.  You can trust your dog-baby is well taken care of in the hands of Rhett and QC!"

      – Jennifer, May 2018, Google Review


"Rhett is very responsive, easy to work with, and takes great care of my cats (including photo updates!). Scheduling is simple and Rhett has proven flexible when needed!"

      – Lauren, May 2018, Yelp


"Rhett is awesome and takes the time to get to know each and every dog he walks!! Lots of pictures and follow ups and excellent care!"

      – Jaime, March 2018, Yelp

"QC Dog Walking is always Reliable. When I am on vacation I count on them to walk my dogs in the morning and evening and feed my cats.

I always receive pictures of my dogs on their walks and how they do. I recommend this service. They are very good people."

      – Cristina, March 2018, Yelp

Rhett and his QC Dog Walking Team always provided us a sense of confidence, knowing that our dog Casper would always be cared for. Rhett always helped when we needed last minute walks added due to later than expected nights at work and we trusted his entire team to come and go from our apartment with professionalism. Rhett trains each walker on backing up the leashes and making sure your pup stays safe on every walk. They are the most reliable dog walking service we've worked with and couldn't recommend them more!

      – Erin & Brendan, January 2018, Google Review


”I've hopped around a few different dog walkers since I moved to Brooklyn. My first experience was awful, my second great -- but I live in Crown Heights and not a lot of dog walkers deal with that area, so the second dog walker decided to cancel service there. That's when I went to QC Dog Walking with Rhett and crew. It's be a great experience and I'm really happy with them.

It's really easy to schedule, reschedule, and even cancel plus the dog walkers are super, super reliable. Once I got locked out of my apartment when my roommate was gone and the landlord and sup were MIA for the weekend, I didn't have a backup key but I texted Rhett and he helped me get in contact with my regular dog walker, get my key, and get into my apartment in less than hour. Total life savers.

Plus they‘re really good with my dog.“

      – Kim, December 2017, Google Review

”Our dog is very reactive and weary of meeting other people and dogs. After losing her first walker, we were very stressed about finding a replacement.

From our first meeting with the owner Rhett, I was impressed by his dedication and professionalism in handling her. She gets individual walks, and the same person she knows returning each day. The consistency has helped to establish a positive relationship with other humans (yay!) and given us great peace of mind. Rhett is always responsive to last minute schedule changes, and gives daily updates on her walks. I can't recommend this service enough.”

      – Kathryn, December 2017, Google Review


”We could not recommend Rhett and QC Dog Walking highly enough. It is very easy to schedule, re-schedule and add walks when those late nights at work inevitably come up. Rhett always tries to be as flexible as possible and does whatever he can can to help. We loved that our dog went on solo walks or was joined by one other dog friend for his walks and wasn't in huge pack walks. We only hope we can find as great a dog walking service now that we've left NYC. Thank you QC Dog Walking & Rhett!”

      – Brendan, December 2017


”Quality dog walking walked our dogs for approximately two years. We have relied on them consistently during this time and they are always available when we need them. I always have peace of mind knowing that if we are working late or need to go to work much earlier than normal, that I can simply text Rhett and he will respond within moments. We recently moved across country and I hope I can find someone as dedicated, cautious, and caring about our dogs as Rhett and his team. I looked forward to the daily pictures of our dogs that I would receive during each of their walks. We could trust any of our walkers with our keys which we would simply leave at the front desk, and in over two years we never had any negative experiences.Thank you for everything!”


      – PO, December 2017


”Friendly, reliable, and reasonably priced.  We love that our dog is not going out with a stranger everyday, but someone she knows and if other dogs, only one or two that she is familiar with.  We always get a picture and an update after.  Wouldn't trust my dog with anyone else!


      – Natalie, December 2017, Yelp


”Rhett and his team are great!! I have been in Brooklyn for 6 months, and have been so impressed by them. They are extremely professional, reliable, and flexible.My dog is not easy- he barks at everything (other dogs, bicycles, people running) but they actually managed to introduce him to other dogs in the neighborhood and have them walk together sometimes. They even send pictures every day, which I think is so transparent and helpful. I would definitely recommend to other pet owners!

      – Emma, October 2016

Rhett and his team are AMAZING!!! I have a very finicky min pin and my work schedule is irregular with lots of last minute changes and weekend and evening hours. Rhett and the folks at QC never bat an eye or cut a corner. I'm very pleased with the services they provide and especially their flexibility given my schedule. I highly recommend Rhett and the team at QC DogWalking!!!”

      – Craig, March 2016


”Rhett and his team are amaaaaazing! They have been walking Oates for four months now and I have never been disappointed. Flexible, reliable, accessible, trustworthy. They always do whatever they can to accommodate my busy schedule.”

      – Avi, November 2015, Google Review


”Rhett is professional, responsive, and wonderful with my cat when we are out of town. He sends a note and pictures after each visit to let me know that all is well. I feel that my beloved pet and home are in safe hands with QC! I recommend it highly.”

      – Lauren, July 2015


”QC Dog Walking Service, is outstanding. Rhett the owner and walker is incredibly professional, very friendly (my Schnauzer mix loves him to pieces). He does a great job and is very accommodating to specific needs. Overall, I think his service is fantastic and definitely recommend.”

      – Jessica, January 2015

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