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Best Dog Walkers Near Me

Working Hard to be the Best Dog Walkers Near Me

Have you ever come home to a dog who obviously missed their mid-day walk? At QC Dog Walking Services we take the time to ensure that our pet parents are cared for along with their furry kids. As the best dog walkers near me, you are able to schedule your dog's walks with a few clicks on our secure server. We bring our own supplies such as dog-doo bags, an extra leash, and the occasional treat. Since our walkers are working in their own neighborhoods, many of our canine customers get to know their daily walkers and can't wait for the door to open!


Local Dog Walkers Arrive on Time to Let Your Furry Friend Out

How do you know your dog had their walk? When our local dog walkers arrive at your apartment building, you receive a text notifying you of the start of the walk time. After leashing your pet, the walker and your dog will leave the apartment together. They will take a tour of the neighborhood for 30 or 60 minutes. When they get home, you receive another text with a short report on what happened during the walk. Before the walker leaves, they might even toss your puppy a treat to help them settle down.

Keep on Working and Call Your Dogwalker Now


Are you working from home today and suddenly have a mid-day video meeting to attend? We can usually accommodate last minute walk requests. Simply log into your QC account and request an afternoon walk. You will be able to focus on your office job and still see to the health and happiness of your very best furry friend. You may not even have to answer the door, as your regular dogwalker will be able to open the front door and call for your dog to join them.


Have Two Pups? Schedule Walks together and Save

Are you worried about spending twice as much because you have two gorgeous dogs? Save big when you reserve a two-dog walk for both of your fur babies. We will work with you to ensure that your walker is able to properly control both dogs on the leash. This works well with smaller breeds and dogs that are extremely well trained. You can even share a walk with your neighbor in the building if their dog is best buds with yours. Check out our walk bundles, play trains, and other cost saving options.

Get started today! Call our office at QC Dog Walking Services to set up your account and receive your first three walks at a great discount.

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