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Dog Sitter Services Near Me

Worry-free Vacation with Dog Sitter Services Near Me

Is it time to escape the city for a few days, but your puppy is not welcome at the B&B? QC Dog Walking Services has got you covered with dog sitter services near me. Your fully trained sitter will keep your furry friend company while you are away. They will serve meals, take Fido for walks, play games, and even snuggle on the couch. You can truly enjoy yourself knowing that your puppy is not lonely, hungry, or even itching for a good run at the park.

Dog Walker Service Near Me for Work Day Support

Did you love using a sitter for your weekend escape? Our dog walker service near me is a fabulous upgrade for your working week. It's easy to log into your account and request a morning romp or afternoon run for your pup. They won't be as bored, so you will come home to fewer destroyed shoes and gnawed table legs. It can also reduce your need for puppy pads. We check in with you before and after every walk, so you can keep in touch from your office.

Use Our Easy Online Reservation System to Schedule Daily or Weekly Walks

When you add QC Dog Walking Services to your support system, your life just gets simpler. You can buy as many or as few dog walks as you need using our affordable bundle options. Pay for the entire month ahead and enjoy significant savings. You can also decide if your puppy needs just a fast 30 minute walk around the block or if they need a good hour romp down at the park. Your puppy will be smiling and wagging their tail when you get home, instead of hiding their latest accident.

Give us a ring or click to set up your account and start enjoying all our dog walking and dog sitter services today!

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