Pay-as-you-go: Single Dog Walk 30-Minutes


For the dog owner with the occasional on-demand walking needs. This is your rate, a good decent rate, I might add. : )  However, if you find your self needing more than five singles in a week then you might as well order a ten-pack and have a few left over for next time. Not to mention saving sixteen dollars upwards per month. These are 30 minute walks because we find that we need to give some additonal love and take some additonal time suiting up with guys ngals who might not be used to seeing us regularly.


Please try and schedule these the evening before and we prefer that you use the "Off Hours, Last Minute and Holidays", scheduling option for late walks as well. However, we do allow for emergencies and have empathy for busy lives and forgetting things every now and then.

Single Walk: Half-Hour

Does your dog need to be walked alone?
Any additional dogs?
Walk on the weekend?

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