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Professional Dog Walker

A Professional Dog Walker Available When You Need Us

Just because you work long hours does not mean you love your dog any less. Protect their health and happiness when you work with a professional dog walker from QC Dog Walking Services. Our network of walkers are located throughout the city, so there is always somebody available to take Fido on a run around the block. We know their safety is at the top of your list. Our walkers never leave your apartment until your puppy is properly secured in their harness and leash.


Exercise and Relief for Your Canine Friend with Dog Walkers in My Area

By the time you get home after a day at the office, is your dog literally dancing with the need to visit the closest fire hydrant? Wouldn't it be better if you had a moment to gather your thoughts before racing to the curb? Dog walkers in my area can take your pup on a quick walk around lunch so they don't suffer while waiting for you to get home. A 30 minute walk also helps them maintain good cardio health and provides distraction for a dog that gets easily bored.

Dog Walking Brooklyn for a Quick Run around the Block or Romp in the Park

Our dog walking Brooklyn packages can include either fast 30 minute walks or a full hour romp. The option for a longer walk is especially important for larger breeds that really need to stretch their muscles. Do you have two dogs? We can take them both out at the same time while you save on the cost of separate walks. Does your dog have a walking buddy in the building? Team up with your friends and share the expense while providing a playdate for your pups.

Taking the Extra Steps to See to their Safety Every time

Did you know that all of our walkers keep an extra leash with them, just in case something goes wrong with your dog's collar, harness, or leash? Our walkers practice proper social distancing while exercising, so you and your dog are less likely to be exposed to any kind of harmful disease. When your walker arrives at your apartment, they check in on our app. You can even track your dog's paw prints as they take a run around the block. A final check in is done when your dog gets back home, complete with a puppy report.

If you would like to learn more about QC Dog Walking Services, our rates, and how we work, give us a call today! We offer regularly scheduled walks Monday through Friday and special requests on the weekends.

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