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Dog Walkers in Brooklyn

What's New!

   Hop on board a Park Romp $18  geo mapped hour romp in Prospect Park.

    6 Availabilities per day M-F, 3 on Saturday - Currently limited to 2 dogs per trip

Trying out a different approach which seems more appropriate for work from home culture. Its more like joining a yoga class or boarding a bus. Paying as your book.  So hop on board the Wag'n Wagon! We are passing thru 3 times a day on our way to three hour long romps in the park. Actually in the park for the full hour. This is mostly for The areas Close to the park. But we have hour long trains passing through Bed Stuy and Crown Heights to romp in the smaller local parks near you.


Book and pay for these in the Bookings Section.

Here's what you need to do:

     1)  Go to the bookings section

     2)  Select an available spot in an Hour Romp Class for your location

     3)  Book and Pay


We will stop by and pick up your Pup close to the booked time.

These include a screen grab of the geo map showing the path that we took in the park.

$10 cost sharing walks, Friends and Neighbors

                                                                Essential edition.

Throughout the pandemic conditions, we are offering $10 walks when you partner with another dog in your building or in a house on your block close to you.

To receive this offer, our dogs and your same building dogs, both can be on different floors, but have to be in the same building.  You must have the same walk schedule and walk at the same time.

Here's what you need to do:

     1)  Purchase a Friends and Neighbors Package

     2)  Mark that you have a cost sharing partner

     3)  Indicate who and when the walks are supposed to be.

5 Packs

During stay at home times you may want to purchase a smaller pre-pay package.

Use the Friends and Neighbors Essential and  mark that you don't have sharing, then the rate will effectively be the same a half of a 10 pack.

Covid-19 Safety

We are observing all social distancing and non contact protocols.

We are wearing gloves and make and hand sanitizing before and every walk.

*  Discounts and offers cannot be combined. Offers have no cash value, except where it is mentioned as cash value.  Also see the Terms and Conditions page for details.

Contact us with any questions.

Dog Walkers in Brooklyn
Dog Walkers in Brooklyn

Thanks! Message sent.

See Terms and Conditions 

Contact us if any questions

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