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Hiring A Dog Walker: Important Questions To Ask

You would never buy a home without asking tons of questions to the seller. Then why compromise while hiring a dog walker for your fur baby? After all, it's a matter of your pet’s safety outdoors.

However, hiring a legitimate dog walking company isn’t a cakewalk; it requires careful consideration and, most importantly, raises the question of trust. Looking for someone you'd be okay with taking your family member out for a walk is challenging but never impossible. Moreover, with the relevant interview questions at your fingertips, it becomes a lot easier for you to find dog walking services Brooklyn that you and your dog like.

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Questions To Ask To A Potential Dog Walker:

Question 1: Can we schedule a meeting first?

A certified dog walker won’t have any problem meeting you and your dog before the final paperwork. Upon the meeting, avoid bombarding the professional directly with the questions on your list. First of all, notice their behavior around your dog. Are they hesitant to approach your dog? Is their body language positive? And most importantly, does your dog like them? We all know how dogs can identify the positive and negative energies in the room. Remember, if your dog doesn’t like the person, you probably shouldn’t either!

Question 2: Are you insured?

Insurance is of utmost importance to safeguard everyone involved, including the dog walker, your dog, and the general public. Have a special eye for the dog walking companies who have the following insurance covers:

  • Public liability: In case your pet causes an accident, injury, or damages someone else’s property.

  • Care custody and control: In case your pet is injured or lost.

  • Non-negligent cover: Covers accidental injury to the pet under the walker’s care and loss of keys in case the dog walker misplaces it.

Question 3: Are you qualified in pet first-aid?

May god never land your pet in such a situation; still, having the assurance that your dog walker is trained in pet first aid and can respond swiftly in emergencies should be one of your foremost priorities. Look for dog walkers who are certified pet first aiders. This is an essential part of their training.

Question 4: How long will the walk last?

Many dog walkers typically bill by the hour but don't hesitate to inquire for a breakdown of the actual walking time versus transit time. Request information about the specific local locations your dog walker plans to visit and the number of dogs they'll collect along the route. This will help you assess the balance between transportation and actual walking time. If your dog ends up spending more time commuting to and from the walk than enjoying the walk itself, it can lead to anxiety for your pet.

Closing Line

In short, trust your instincts and your dogs. Choose dog walking services Brooklyn that make your pet’s daily walks fun, fulfilling, and enriching.

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