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Regular Dog Walk - A Real Concern for Attached and Health-Conscious Pet Parents!

As a thumb rule, veterinarians and experienced pet parents recommend walking the dog for 30 minutes a day irrespective of their size or age. Alternatively, the pet owners can take the dogs for 15 minutes walk 3-4 times a day, depending on the breed, eating habits, and health conditions.

A large and highly energetic dog requires more walks per day. Higher energy dog breeds include Golden Retrievers, Australian Shepherds, Terriers, Labrador, and Border Collies. On the other hand, low-energy dogs are Papillons, Yorkshire, Mastiff, Great Danes, Bulldogs, and Newfoundlands. The remaining breeds need an average 30-minute walk daily.

Why Is Dog Walk Essential?

Dog walks are more than potty breaks and offer loads of benefits. A brisk walk helps dogs burn off extra energy, while a slow walk allows them to unwind and explore surroundings by sniffing. Regular walks and exercise keep the dogs in good shape and mood. Physical activity is good for the health of pets in the following ways,

Promotes Joint Health - In enclosed spaces, dogs sit for a prolonged time, which stiffens their joints. Regular walks keep the joints in motion and make them flexible.

Improves Digestion - When pet owners take their dogs for a walk, the dogs stretch, pee, and poop in the surroundings while relaxing their guts. The dogs' digestive organs and urinary systems function correctly, making them healthy.

Maintains Weight - Walks in open areas help dogs burn extra calories, making them active and more playful. Regular walks and plays by them aid in weight control.

Major Factors Affecting Dog Walks in Real Life

Schedules and Inclination of Pet Owners

The statistics of various studies reveal that approximately more than 40% of dog owners do not walk their dogs regularly. The remaining ones put a lot of time and effort into dog walking and sometimes hire the best dog walkers near Brooklyn and other urban areas. Many pet owners skip dog walks due to their busy schedules, family responsibilities, lousy weather, fatigue, or lack of interest at least once a week. Fewer walks in a week make dogs lazy, putting on weight. However, conscious pet parents look for the best dog walkers near Brooklyn and other cities to care for their walking needs.

Living Conditions of Pet Owners

The location and space of the pet owner's residence affect the requirement of walks a day for a dog. If a pet owner lives in a small apartment in a highly dense urban area that leaves no space for a pet to move around and explore, the pet needs more frequent walks outside the home. More walking allows them to spend quality time in open natural space, playing and exploring new places.

On the other hand, if the pet owners have a home with a large backyard or patio in remote rural areas, the pets get more than sufficient space to move around, poop, play, and run. They do not need special walks if physically active in their open space.

Pet owners should hire dog walkers to ensure the sound health of dogs through regular walks. Trained and the best dog walkers near Brooklyn help dogs settle down, engage them in play, and are available within a few hours of dog walk request.

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Maddy Joun
Maddy Joun
Sep 14, 2022

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